Irish Night

Row On for Brendan

Learn from Win and her friends! Join our workshops on the afternoon of Irish Night!

A concert, a tribute to Brendan Foley, and a fundraiser for the rowing team he loved.

February 10, 2018, 7:00 pm
Central Catholic High School

4720 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15213


The Fleet

Over the past 19 years, Irish Night has raised more than $370,000 for Central Catholic Crew and Oakland Catholic Rowing. The rowing shells purchased with proceeds from Irish Night since it began in 1997 are as follows:

Central Catholic Crew

Barbara II (Hudson Boat Works; 2014)
Br. Bob II (Hudson Boat Works; 2014)
Anne (Hudson Boat Works; 2013)
Br. Bob Schaefer, FSC (Resolute Racing Shells; 2011)
Maggie II (Hudson Boat Works; 2009)
Bruce (Hudson Boat Works; 2008)
Mary T. (Hudson Boat Works; 2007)
Micheál (Hudson Boat Works; 2007)
Brendan Foley III (Hudson Boat Works; 2006)
Maggie (Hudson Boat Works; 2004)
Brendan Foley II (Hudson Boat Works; 2003)
Brendan Gerard Foley (Vespoli; 1997)

Emma (Vespoli; 2002)
Maher 5 (Vespoli; 2001)

2- and 2-/x
Sally (Hudson Boat Works; 2006)
Clanjamfrey (Hudson Boat Works; 2006)
Cú Na Mara (Vespoli; 2004)
The Bee (Vespoli; 1999)

Oakland Catholic Rowing

St. Catherine (Resolute Racing Shells; 2013)
St. Brigid (Resolute Racing Shells; 2009)

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